Safe Places - Solihull

The Safe Place scheme helps people with learning difficulties feel confident and safe whilst out and about.

If someone feels they are being bullied, abused or harassed whilst they are out they have “Safe Places” to go to.

Window stickers are used in public places (shops, community centres and libraries etc) that are part of the scheme to identify themselves as Safe Places.

"I need help" cards are also carried by  individuals with useful contact numbers on (such as carer’s details, family contact details etc). 

If an individual needs help they can enter a Safe Place and ask for a contact to be made.  A card is not necessary and help can still be asked for from “Safe Places”.

Safe Place will be ready to help and assist anyone who goes to them for help and create a temporary safe haven for them whatever the circumstances.


This Safe Places video was created by our Safe Places Champions with help from our AdvoActs drama group

Safe Places Window Sticker.png
The Safe Places logo is displayed in public spaces to tell people with a learning disability that the shop/library or community venue is somewhere that they can go for help.

I need help card 2.png

If you would like or have lost your "I need help" card, you can ask us to send you one:


Where are the Safe Places in Solihull

We are always looking for more Safe Places. If you are interested in registering  as a Safe Place, please get in touch using this form: